At the age of 23, after attending Instituto Marangoni, Anabelle Tsitsin turned her rich background in fine arts into an ongoing love affair with hand-drawn shoe sketches, which was a pure way of expressing herself. That’s when she decided to launch her luxury footwear brand, A by Anabelle, in 2017.

“When I designed my first shoe, I created a special A-shaped heel, which became my signature mark. Other than having A as my first name initial, it symbolizes beginnings and stability.
There’s something so effortlessly stable in that shape – two lines that emerge from a wide base a rise upwards. I was immediately attached to what it symbolizes. It’s exactly the values I wanted to put into my brand.”

Founded in 2017, A by Anabelle consists of models for the daring modern woman, offering her luxurious, custom-made shoes to be cherished for a long time. The brand’s style is led by timeless shapes and architectural lines, to evoke a distinct feminine expression of luxury and elegance. A by Anabelle’s bold and empowered feminine aesthetic allowing women to feel comfortable and fashion-forward in shoes that are bold in both cut and color.

Perfectionism and chic of this brand are felt through every single detail. The creativity of Anabelle together with the handmade production of Italian shoemakers is a fabulous combination that brings the perfection of creation. The shoes come to life in Parabiago area, Milan, which is the most qualified production area for shoes in Italy. Every little aspect is taken care of with great love and care, from the very beginning of choosing the quality of the leather to the quality of the thread.